Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cooking is My Passion

Assalamualaikum & Hi to All,

It's been a while I have not update my blog and now I'm back to write more, Insya Allah. Cooking is one of my hobby and I could spend hours in kitchen to try something new (and of course, accompanied with MP3 and my notebook).  I enjoy sharing my cooks with my family and friends and I love to see them enjoy my foods. What's more :)

Famous Amos cookies is one of my favorite cookies as I like the way it looks tempting, crunchy, lot of  peanuts and hurm.. the aroma too. But I like to try on my own as well so I look for the recipe and walla.. I found it :) ..and made them (as picture below). 

Chocolate Cookies
One of the useful tips given in the recipe is to store your dough for three days in the fridge before you bake it so that the mixture of the dough will be combined well. 


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