Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prepare Your Lunch Box Every Day?

I like to bring my own meal to work as I believe it wills not only economic savings but it's healthier and cleanliness guarantee. Now, people always think that to bring your own meal means you have to get up early and get yourself in a mess especially you only have little time to fix yourself to work. Well, I also face the same situation like you too. But think of something that you like to do so much. Will you do it? It's a same situation with me here and because I like to do it so much, I don't mind to get up early and get my self in a mess because I know it will satisfy me. So, for those who like to do something you like to do, don't wait just start do it. Of course, you will face some challenges or consequence like in my case here, I could probably can't have full make-up of the day or maybe you have to do a lot of rushing jobs in morning or even you have to leave your kitchen a bit mess but hey, every action we do, we have 'opportunity cost'. 

The important thing for me here, is, you enjoy of what you're doing. I admit that every time I've done with my cooking, I feel satisfied especially when looking at people eating my foods happily. What's more :)? You can't expect everything to be perfect though.  Yeah, of course, there are times that people complaining about my cooking but hey, who cares, I can improve it next time. Just take it easy and turn it to be a motivation instead of feeling hurts.

Heavy or Light Meal?

I don't cook heavy meal every day especially during working days but once a while I would like to have it as my menu so I don't mind to have some hard time (but not so hard anyway) to cook it. You can act wisely by planning on your meal for a week and prepare them in advance before cooking time. Hey, it is quite helpful! If there's a will there is way. It is just you who can make the difference whether to think it easy or hard. 

Here is one of my lunch box menus of the week. A traditional Malay food called Nasi Tomato (tomato rice), Kuah Kari Ayam (curry chicken gravy), Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken in chili gravy) & Jelatah (Cucumber & pineapple salad). I guess it is consider hard to prepare but I choose the easier steps as I have planned the preparation and of course my mood too!

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